About Me.

I’m Mary Royers, an up and coming senior at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. If you’re curious about my life as an undergrad and prospective teacher you can always check out my lovely e-portfolio that I made last semester as an end of semester project. It isn’t hard for me to rant about how much I love learning about foreign languages and rich cultures.

In reality there are thousands of things that I  would  love to rant about, but this blog is particularly an outlet for my photographic endeavors.  Let’s see. My grandmother was famous in my family for the photos she loved to snap, and since my teen years I’ve been joining my mother on our own photography expeditions. As the third generation of amateur fun-loving photographers in my family, I hope to one day start my own small photography studio (but that won’t be happening anytime soon.) There’s nothing like capturing who people really are through my lens. Because undergrads in general aleady have enough of their plate, for now my focus will be on enjoying photography for photography’s sake. Comments, constructive critiques, and questions are always welcome.

Feel free to contact me anytime at mroyers121@gmail.com


15 thoughts on “About Me.

  1. Love the About page! Just so you’re aware there is a word that doesn’t belong in the first sentance of paragraph one. 5th word I think. Although I can see why it would be there, lol. Just wanted to let you know. It always bothers me when I go to my About page or something after having left it up for months and reading through it, just to see if I should edit something or change it completely or whatever, and finding a random word that doesn’t need to be there like that.
    I also love run-on sentances.

  2. Hi Mary! Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting.

    I just read the comment from the blogger who was pointing out a word you should take out. While we’re on that subject (I do a lot of editing for clients, by the way), look at the next-to-last sentence in the second paragraph. The word “already” is missing an r, and it should also read “already have enough ON their plate…” 🙂

    I’m enjoying your blog, too!

    • Looks like I’ve got editing issues! To be honest, I was planning on throwing something really neat up here next week about my grandma and my mother so this was more of a first draft. I promise I normally would read what I wrote to double check the grammar. In the mean time, thank you for the help!

  3. Well, since there are no more spelling or grammar mistakes left for me to point out, I’ll just say “Hi”, haha. I enjoyed checking out your blog so I’m now a follower, and I linked you on my (fairly new) photo blog as well!

  4. No editing here 😀 Just stopping by to say hi and thanks for checking out my post on stitching! It is way fun and I got back into by using a Klutz book on embroidery (not just for kids!).

    Any hoo, good luck and best wishes,

  5. Thanks for commenting on my recent post. Keep pursuing your photography ambitions! Remember to engage in the learning process as much as the creative process. The more you know about the camera (and photography in general), the more natural that transition from vision to execution becomes. And if you ever feel like you’re falling out of love, make changes to your practice, because that is the most important thing.

  6. I ended up here because you liked pictures of my typewriter and I’m a curious person. It is always nice to meet other photographers 🙂 Good luck with your education and career ambitions! I finished school a year ago and have been doing photography as a hobby. (I’m unemployed so what else am I going to do?) It has helped finding a community of talented and friendly bloggers on WordPress!

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